Saturday, December 14, 2013

Through a Looking Glass

Lia McFerren had managed to ditch her less than lovable parents and establish herself on this non-Federation world where Capitalism reined.  She learned early it was good to establish yourself as someone who had value to those who ran the system regardless of whatever system you landed in.  Her parents did not learn this lesson and were at best considered idiots, to parasites, and at worst, criminals. 

After putting her commodities on the market and making profitable and amenable associations with the local residents, Lia settled into the society of the Sphere Of Glass even faster than anticipated by T'Rhan.  Her gifgrams became jewelry that was animated.  That sold faster than warp drive flew.  Naturally, that wasn't Lia's intention for the gifgrams, but the jewelry paid the way for other research and for work with holographics.  T'Rhan was pleased; she was living in the style she was accustomed.

Lia let Sweetie know that she had settled and was doing very well.

If only if the strange dreams would go away, she would call herself content.

Just as R.E.M. sleep would come upon her, Lia would find herself looking into a mirror.  The glass would ripple, as would a hologram, and she would look into her own green eyes, only the eyes would be in a face that had little familiarity.  The woman, unlike her natural pale strawberry blond curls, had her hair died blood red.  There was a hardness in the green eyes, and in the mouth.  She wore a ship's uniform abet skimpy with an odd device on the shoulder and was in a ship's quarters.  It was a mockery of a Starfleet vessel, but a Fleet where morals flipped upside down.

“You are Lia McFerren,” the woman said.

“I am,” Lia replied, no fear in this dream state.

“You are a scientist?”

“I am.”

“You vivisect?”

“Vivisect what?” Lia questioned.


“No,” Lia replied, carefully hiding any horror she felt.  This woman was dangerous, even in the dream state.

“How can one practice science without cutting a living being or two?” asked the other woman without a qualm.

“Mathematics is part of my science.  Art is another.  Much of my work is done on the holodeck, which does not involve beings at all.  It involves forcefields and light,” Lia said.

“Your parents nurtured your skill?” asked the other with curiosity.  “Mine only was able to teach me to survive, and profit as was the Ferengi way.”

“Mine did not want me, but the planetary authority and society frowned on giving away an infant,” Lia replied.  “I became what I am despite their... ignoring a little being in the dwelling.  I was able to learn and quickly to thrive.  I hid when the authorities had differences of opinion with their lifestyles,” Lia added with a slight smile.

The other chuckled.

The mirror became opaque again, but the other came around the corner.  Lia carefully didn't react.  The woman picked up a rock from Lia's table that held within it an image of a beauty spot beloved of the locals on the Sphere Of Glass.  Clouds occasionally wisped over the mountain than reviewed it.  “Jewelry?” asked the interloper.

“Yes, it is how I make myself a valued commodity on this world and able to name my own price,” Lia said with a smile.  The Ferengi raised blood-red head stared at her with widened eyes and a gaping mouth.  “You maneuver like a Ferengi born.  Are you sure you aren't Ferengi?”

“I am not Ferengi or Ferengi raised, I am an unwanted child who learned early to keep my ears and eyes open, and yes, I read every one of the 285 Rules of Acquisition.”  One pale strawberry blond eyebrow went up as Lia lifted another gem.

For once Lia, bloodthirsty, calculating, and willing to take lives without thought, bent over and belly laughed at that snarky remark.


Lia McFerren (of the Light) quarters Sphere Of Glass

Lia McFerren of the Light

Lia McFerren of the Dark

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