Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OOC post (#4967)

The following paragraph from this article sums up everything I've tried to put forth in Arcadia.  I've reiterated this again & again.
"Somewhere along the way with the new Trek films, someone fixed on the idea that Star Trek is an action franchise.  It’s not.  It never was.  It’s a science-fiction franchise.  Star Trek hasn’t lasted fifty years because of action scenes.  It lasted fifty years because it created a universe of wonder and intrigue.  It mixed fun pulpy elements with fascinating ideas and flights of fancy.  The stuff that will last is the intellectual and emotional architecture of the universe and its characters."
That’s what Arcadia is about.  The bolded statements highlight Arcadia's core premise, which, regardless of how it splits from Star Trek's main/canon continuity, echoes the heart of Star Trek.  Hopefully this helps to clear any misunderstanding about Arcadia’s conceptual elements.

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