Friday, November 16, 2012

Information and Death, Part 2

T'Rhan approached the front desk. "I am here to collect Lia McFerren.  I am T'Rhan." No other formality.

The Dantari at the desk stared down the length of his white snout at her, eyes hidden by black goggles. He cocked his head. "Wait."

A moment later, a plump brunette strolled out and stood next to him. "Did Lia contact you?"

"She did." T'Rhan did not explain.

"Ma'am, I'm a deputy of the Dantari Enforcement Group," the stout woman explained. "Though Lia isn't being formally charged with anything, I think it would be best if you answer some questions before we release her to your custody. I'd like to know your intentions."

"I am and have been her instructor at the behest of her parents. If she has done something wrong I would be first to know.  I do not believe her parents have the skill to pull off a misdeed of any sophistication.  I do know they were on a public shuttlecraft, as Lia informed me by public communications relay. This public shuttlecraft was likely to have other passengers, one of them being your problem."

"I was the other passenger, Miss T'Rhan. I've gotten to know the McFerrens a little. Lia's free to go with you, if she chooses. That won't be the case for Kate and Jon. They're being remanded to my custody. I'm taking them to Pathos, by Dantari directive.  I don't want to see young Lia get hurt. I feel... protective, of her. She can call on me for anything, if she needs me. And I trust she knows that." The stout woman said this very pointedly, so that T'Rhan would get the hint. "You didn't answer my question, so let me ask you again: What are your intentions?"

"I am her teacher." T'Rhan's eyes were unreadable. "Our destination is reputable, The Sphere Of Glass, known for its hospitality for those of the upper class to which Lia belongs."

Her questioner took this in, curious. "Ooo, Sphere of Glass. Is it really glass? Wouldn't it break?"

"It is a name belonging to a planet." T'Rhan held her anger at this creature. "Lia and I are on a time constraint."

"I'm sorry... Miss T'Rhan.  Like I said, I'm kind of sweet on Lia.  Don't want her to get hurt.  I think she's an innocent, caught up in her parents' lifestyle.  So I hope you'll take good care of her.  Because we'll be watching.  You follow me, darlin'?"

T'Rhan didn't answer as Lia greeted the Vulcan in traditional Vulcan manner. T'Rhan nodded in approval.
T'Rhan spoke to the deputy. "We thank you for your kind hospitality during this matter." Both nodded in robotic fashion in lockstep. So together it was like one mind in two bodies.

Mrs. McFerren called out at her daughter's retreating back and demanded "I'm innocent too!"

"Where's our lawyer!"

The woman who questioned T'Rhan, and now turned to Lia's mother, Kate, stepped through the open doorway to the jail block. The door closed behind her, cutting Lia off from hearing her.

"They don't have lawyers here," Sweetie said. "And no upright attorney would represent you," she told the McFerrens. "Now listen up, Mom and Dad. The Dantari have agreed to release you into my custody on one condition: You go with me to Pathos, and you check yourselves into rehab. And you do NOT get to leave Pathos, EVER, until I say you can. Otherwise... it's life imprisonment for the both of you. And Jon here gets a male Klingon girlfriend."

JP by Sandy (McFerrens/T'Rhan) and Todd (Sweetie/Dantari)

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