Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bio: Lia McFerren

Lia McFerren is a holographics specialist who worked in the civilian sector with a dark past.  She's famed for developing the gifgrapic and the gifgram to prevent sentients from being used wrongly.  Gifgraphics don't have sentience.

Her mother Kate McFerren is a NASTY piece of work who doesn't realize she's the reason for the development of the gifgraphic.  After seeing her mother abuse a public non-sentient hologram, eight-year-old Lia created the gifgraphic, and gifgram.

The gifgram was activated by a user.  It gave women tiny seeds that they could hide in pens, pendants, or other jewelery that would instantly activate their favored look.  Many women had over three hundred seeds.  It also creates great 3D 'wallpaper' to liven up less than glamorous quarters, or in a pinch, send a fast note if you know how.

Gifgraphics are more expensive as they are interactive like holograms.  They do not have the versatility or adaptability of sentient or even semi-sentient holograms.  If their maker is an artist, they can be stunningly beautiful.  Many are created as aquariums.

Lia, being raised in a drug den, surprisingly avoided a drug habit and a criminal record.  There have been other dark happenings that she had not been able to avoid, they came with the name T'Ran.

Kate McFerren is Lia McFerren's mother.  She is a recreational drug user and exploits her lucrative daughter for economic gain.

Jon McFerren is the husband of Kate McFerren and father to Lia.  He enjoys women, drugs, and drink.

T'Ran is Vulcan.  She is a Vulcan free of morals who shared minds with Lia sixteen years ago, melding with the girl up until she was sixteen.  Her Vulcan husband doesn't know about Lia because they do not speak
and had yet to meet for Pon Farr.

T'Ran is a Vulcan, Lia, Kate, and Jon are humans from the world Yalbo.  Yalbo is in the middle of nowhere.  A little mud colored world with a hidden druggy mess under the crust.

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