Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bio: Kelen Estus

Kelen Estus
Cyberian Coordinator at Delta Base

Born as a Betazoid, he became a Cyberian at age 34.  He joined Delta Base about 4 years prior to the present and helped to develop the semi-sentient main computer systems used on the base itself and vessels constructed there. He has now been assigned as a coordinator in charge of investigating diplomatic ties with the now somewhat more stable Federation.

Background on Delta Base
During the Humanist conflict and the associated instability in the Federation many Cyberians left the Federation in hope of a more stable and forward thinking group to belong to. They procured the plans to many technological prototypes and constructed the self-sufficient Delta Base.

Delta Base is capable of building ships and has designed a simple vessel called the Delta-class inspired by Borg designs but with a greater aesthetic sense. This design takes the shape of an ellipsoid about 200m long and 60m in diameter.

The offensive systems are limited but include quantum and photon torpedoes as well as quantum phasers ( Defensive systems use a cybernetic hull-skin that can regenerate through the use of nanites and biological processes. In addition the vessel has multiple redundant regenerative shield grids. This allows individual segments of the grid to be taken offline and retuned without compromising defensive abilities.

The sensors use the advanced cloak penetration sensors debuted on Quantum-class ships as well as the advanced astrometrics that first appeared on the Intrepid-class. Finally the Delta-class makes use of QFF sensors for improved sensor capability while at high-warp (

The QFF sensors are necessary since the Delta-class uses multi-field warp drive to achieve very fast warp speeds without access to quantum slipsteam technology.

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