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2412 b.g. notes

(same continuity as before; continuing)

The most-basic setting-premise revolves around classically debated matters in our world:
    – science (new Borg) vs. religion (new Prophets)
    – "old-fashioned" conservative naturalism/traditionalism (Humanity) vs. emergent/advancing technology (Chronos; "cro-g" (chronogenetics); new Borg)
    – war/conflict/tension vs. peace

    – seceded from the Federation
    – allied with Orions?
    – vs. Arrubians (not necessarily Orions vs. Arrubians though)
Arcadian League
    – remains neutral; has shored up/reinforced defenses
    – treaty with Earth (and through Earth, the Federation), coupled with weakened status of potentially hostile alien worlds and a shift in Division V interests, inhibits further attempts to annex Arc League worlds
    – have returned
    – New Prophets (Prophet- and pah wraith-possessed Bajorans; factions/moral alignment questionable/uncertain)
    – in command of the Dominion
    – non-Bajorans (including Cardassians) inhabit a portion of Bajor since Bajoran disappearance; conflict issue with/persecution by Bajoran return
    – originated from Bilateral Operations and Retrieval Group (B.O.R.G.) (21st century Earth, United States military)
    – the "New Borg" have overrun the Federation from within; present throughout the galaxy
    – the once Collective split into sub-collectives (some Hive Mind-dominated, some not); weakened, no longer a serious threat
Breen – mutated/evolved
Earth/Federation – Earth rejoins & takes over leadership of weakened Federation
Ferengi/-nar – afflicted by a vicious, "Phage"-like (eg. Vidiians) brain-rot cancer; seems incurable
Gorns vs. Tholians – at war w/each other
    – "Klingon Empire" in name only: Klingon military decimated by Reman Empire; Remans have annexed/blockaded Klingon solar systems
    – regional warlords have taken over Qo'noS; a New Prophet is also gaining great power and influence among Klingons
    – High Council ineffective, no longer in control, no actual Chancellor (position vacant for the first time in decades); a bed of bribery and corruption
    – The "(new) Mongols of space", Orions took advantage of conflicts/chaos in recent years to strike out like lightning, in Genghis Khan/Tamerlane fashion, creating a vast interstellar empire overnight across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, called simply the Orion Territories.  There is concern (and enemies seeking to exploit weakness) whether their empire can hold up or for how long.  Loosely allied with Andoria and the Reman Empire.
John Logan and a Reman
    – Took advantage of Romulus' destruction to forge the Reman Empire, outshadowing Romulan power; allied with the Orions.
    – Romulans split between the Romulan Republic and the Romulan Star Empire.  RSE only a fragment of its former self.
    – A new Romulus has been established, simply called Romulus, held for a time by the Republic, but the SE captured it.
    – Nero prophesied to be a savior of the Romulan people; will lead them "back" to Romulus (a different new Romulus, actually, in the Beta Quadrant far from current Romulan space, aided by Stephen April).
Tellar/ites – destroyed, but for a few scattered/neutral colonies
Vulcan/s – crippled by emotion disease

From an OOC message: (10/03/2012)

Re: Format/Gudelines:

I'm still working out details for a new format.  Personally, I feel the "traveling starship" format is stale and overdone (certainly if it's Starfleet/Federation), and I don't like doing what's been done before.  I'm keen on a storytelling platform which allows the most dramatic potential on an open scale; however, I am mindful of the convenience offered by a single outlet that brings players together, which is why the starship-crew format has worked in the past.  Still brainstorming, when time permits.  Personally, I'm content with the "Strange New Worlds"/vignette approach, offering slices of life in the unfolding saga of our universe.  Suffice to say,

     1) I don't intend to overplay "reality Trek", though I'm typically hesitant to throw out anything which might become useful/of interest later (I try not to be too exclusive) (but it won't be a focus this time).  The Humanist/Arc League contention will also be less prominent than before.
     2) This would be a continuation of previous Arc universe history/continuity (for the same reasons), but with new developments; some key elements being:
     *Cyberians: "new Borg" (reflecting our interrelationship & interdependence on/with technology).  These are NOT "the" Borg as on TNG; rather, humans and other organics who have embraced advances wrought by scientific and technological advances (some resulting from interactions / encounters with the Borg).  But they don't (or at least probably shouldn't, I would think) look like cyborgs, with armor plating, visible implants, all that – the sensible idea is to look natural.  Any implants would be miniaturized, internal, much more advanced, making the technology a direct extension of ourselves.  If you remember our complants, that should provide a basic slant to work with.
     *A fragmented Federation, which Earth has rejoined to assume a central leadership role, because:
         *The Andorians have seceded,
         *The Tellarites have been wiped out,
         *Vulcan is afflicted by an emotion disease, causing social upheavals there (the basic overall effect of these "central" UFP members' neutralization is what compels Earth to take command of the Federation once again, like in the old days)
     *Previous superpowers are not the powers they used to be (Fedn., Klingons, Romulans... weakened by events),
     *The (green) Orions have expanded, like lightning, Mongol-style, erecting a new empire overnight from remains of other territories,
     *The Bajorans have "returned", though they may not be the same Bajorans... led by "new Prophets" in corporeal (flesh) form.  These Bajorans/Prophets symbolize a religious counterbalance against the science/technology-dominated UFP/Earth/Humanity.


The "Pathos"-based storyline will also run (for a while at least), bringing together Dallas Ewing, Sweetie, the mixed Cheronian gal (still trying to decide the best name for her; was 'Merilas' but too many Ls in my char. names), Bruce the Orion, etc.; Verik & Verika, possibly Q... and all that.  Plus the addition of Sandy's McFerrens may make them players there as well.

How the name "Arcadia" is even going to fit into all of this, I'm not yet sure...

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